About HamSphere
2009-12-16 09:05
What is HamSphere?

HamSphere is a virtual shortwave tranceiver client that works in Windows, Linux or Mac or any other Java driven system. It is a communication system simulating shortwave propagations over a virtual Ionosphere. The system is based on SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology such as digital local oscillators, filters, balanced mixers, carrier wave suppressors, modulators etc.

The system uses big servers in continents such as Europe, North America and Australia to generate the virtual simulated radio world of HamSphere.

Operators using HamSphere will get the look and feel of a real Ham Radio shortwave Transceiver and the system is suitable for both licensed Ham Radio operators as well as radio enthusiasts.

Who is behind HamSphere?

HamSphere is developed and created by Kelly Lindman, a Licensed Ham Radio operator with the call sign SM7NHC / 5B4AIT. The HamSphere Network and Trademark is owned and operated by the private company HamSphere AB in Sweden.

HamSphere History

Before HamSphere, Kelly Lindman ran a big remotely controlled receiver network called JavaRadio and later DXTuners. DxTuners then turned into GlobalTuners by Ivo Smits in Holland. Some parts of DxTuners and its spirit are still in operation in the GlobalTuners network.

Kelly operated that network for 10 years (1998-2008).

In late 2007 / early 2008 Kelly launched a totally new concept - HamSphere!

Technical description

HamSphere communicates over a simulated Ionosphere called "HamSphere". It covers 6m to 160m Ham band including 11m. It uses double side band modulation and each band is 100 kHz wide.

The system does not emit any RF and it is 100% safe to operate in any country.
Everything you hear on the system is part of a big shortwave simulation called "HamSphere".

You will find the system very similar to the shortwave band as it has noises and scratches called QRN as well as unwanted signals called QRM. The propagation is very much like real shortwave. Sometimes the conditions are bad and sometimes they improved quite a bit.

HamSphere can be used by both licensed and unlicensed DX:ers.

HamSphere uses real radio principles with local oscillators, balanced mixers, filters etc. The modulation is true Double Sideband Modulation with carrier suppression hence the "donald duck" sound when you swirl the knob. The receiver is a direct LO-mixer detector where we just add the carrier (Beat oscillator) to detect the audio. Filters are made from 17-pole FIR filters producing effective 3.8, 2.8 and 0.7 kHz filters.

CW Keyer and CW operation is true Contineous wave operation. We simply inject a carrier wave in the Sphere and key that. You will notice that the built in keyer has a clean Sine wave on both side bands whereas if you modulate CW with a side tone oscillator it will produce two interfering tones.